Friday, March 4, 2011

The Veggie Grill

There is a breath of fresh air about this place The Veggie Grill located at Irvine Spectrum. Maybe it was just the weather that day. But this food and the great company of 6 other girlfriends made it an afternoon lunch to remember.

This place is located right where the action is. My friends were visiting from the bay area and we went to spend a few hours here. They loved the place and the crowd and it was a very hip and happening place to be as per them. I agree. I love just hanging out at the spectrum, eating out, a little sinful shopping and a warm hot funnel cake. What's not happening about all this?

The Veggie Grill has a complete vegetarian menu and has all the meat look alike options. There is veggie steak, veggie chicken etc if you'd like those. They operate on the Plant-based Veggie Protein philosophy. But all I say is that the end result is definitely delicious.

The restaurant has 5 locations in the Los Angeles and nearby areas. Veggie Grill folks - if you're listening, you should open more soon. At least in the bay area. I know 6 people who will show up immediately! 

Without further banter - here's what we all ate that day.

Started out with a salad and some sweet potato fries. This was the Baja Fiesta Salad. It had a lot of quinoa inside which was absolutely tasty to eat. We were literally fighting over this one salad! I would have never imagined in my weirdest dreams that I'd fight over a salad. Oh what has the world come to!

And the sweet potato fries. Perfectly done. I got up to go get some ketchup and these were all gone before I came back. Next time I'm not getting the ketchup! And yes, strawberry lemonade is a good choice for a girls day out.

This was the Bali Bliss - sauteed and grilled tempeh.

 And this was the Chipotle BBQ sandwich. My friend felt that this was a little strong on the smoked flavor.

The Grillin Chickin. This was had by a avocado lover friend and she probably just picked it since it had avocado in here!

This shot was just to showcase the side red cabbage salad. You could either pick this or the chilli as a side to any sandwich or wrap. If you go, pick this and let your company pick the chilli. Can't miss them both. Red cabbage has not tasted better than this anywhere - it was fresh, crisp and just perfectly flavored.

And the wraps look worth devouring too!

I think this was a entrĂ©e on a bed of kale. Whatever it was, looks wonderful indeed.

I did taste this and if Veggie chilli can be made this way, why can't the others do it everywhere? It had a few spice notes but also had the warming base of a chilli.

And this was my order - a Papa Portabello sandwich. I'm a big Portabello fan and this just made me a bigger fan. Hail to you, O great one!

So what are you waiting for? Go and devour some of these specialties coz this place has great vegetarian fare to offer! And please think of me and eat some of my sweetheart fries. 

Restaurant Website: The Veggie Grill

Enjoy. Peace out.


  1. Love ur beautiful clicks n wonderful recipes too ...

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