Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Counter

You can definitely count on The Counter to offer an exceptionally awesome veggie burger.

I've been to this place many times now. Custom built burger with a home made veggie patty is all I need on a lazy Sunday afternoon or a happening Saturday night (that is before all the happening, maybe). But deciding between getting grilled pineapples or organic mixed greens is the tough part.

This joint might feel like you stepped into a 1970's beach cafe with steel bar stools and just a lot of gray and silver. But the neat and simple lines of decor make it inviting and you don't have to feel anymore that you might be under dressed. Both prom dresses and shorts & flip flops feel at home here. There's something really sexy about a babe in a beautiful red prom dress with mile high stilettos just biting down on a big juicy burger while downing a cup of shake. And there could not be a better place to do this. Paris Hilton, take note. Even though you're a little old for prom.

I visited The Counter at Woodbury, Irvine. Love this location - its just sooo..Californian, if you will. Palm trees all around, clean wide roads, lots of stop signs...yes..very Californian.

So you walk in and are greeted by friendly staff. They show you a place to park yourself in and hand you over little clip boards with creative gastronomic material aka..the custom burger sheet.

There is a small bar on the side with two huge screen TV's. It was the Green bay packers playing the Chicago Bears and there were a lot of cheers and oohs and maaannn's going on.

Depending on how hungry you are - you get to select how many pounds of patty you want on your burger and then what all you want to go on top of it. Including sauces and cheese and also the type of bun. One very worthy mention here - they have one of the softest tenderest burger buns EVER. Those things just melt in your mouth. I wish I can walk in and buy a whole tray of that thing just baked. And the multi grain bun is my favorite pick among all three.

If you're too lazy and don't really care to choose what you want, you can pick one of their featured selections available - someone with taste came up with all these and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

They are also famous for their shakes. And this months' featured shake was the Birthday cake shake. Heard it was good.

And then you see this part? The fifty fifty - a little of french fries and a little of onions strings or sweet potato fries. This is quite popular. But wait, what if you want to eat a little of all three - I can never choose two out of the three.

And that's where this comes into place - The Trio. Not on the menu. But they do it for you. They do charge a dollar extra for it - but all worth it.

The Trio - ask for it, its not on the menu. A little of the potato fries, a little of the crispy onion stings and a little of the sweet potato fries. My fav? Sweet Potato fries, handsdown! This also comes along with 3 dipping sauces - barbecue, chipotle and ranch. Tip: you get to order a fourth different sauce to go with your burger!

The thing I love about this place is the mini burgers for kids - and vegetarian too of course. They have little bite sized patties on little buns and you can add cheese if you'd like. But, the kids meals are also served with a  whole lot of french fries.

There's the veggie burger with organic greens, carrots and grilled onions.

This patty by itself is delicious and you can see it has a whole lot of real vegetable in there.

So if you have not tried The Counter yet, do so today. Good things are meant to be shared.

And you don't have to really feel guilty about all the fries coz,

And yes, the Green Bay packers won the match. Great Play!

Enjoy. Peace out!


  1. Hi Anu,
    Never herad about The Counter....a must try the next time I'm in Irvine..... and lovely clicks

  2. Wow I have been following your recipes from mriganayani from a long long time and today I see this website of yours,I am from Anaheim and I am pleasantly surprised to see that you are from orange county!!
    Will definitely ask my husband to take me to the counter!!
    Thank you for all your efforts!